Former Republican congressman to visit Elon

J.C. Watts, a former Republican congressman for Oklahoma, will visit Elon University Fed. 22 as a Distinguished Visiting Professor of Leadership to speak about his message of self-determination and teamwork.

J.C. Watts, former Republican congressman. Image courtesy of E-Net.

The discussion will draw upon his time as a congressman, as well as his work for his consulting firm, J.C. Watts Companies, and his time as quarterback for the University of Oklahoma Sooners and work as an ordained minister.

Watts was elected to Congress from the fourth district of Oklahoma in 1994. He served for eight years on the House Armed Services Committee and wrote several pieces of legislation, including the Community Solutions Act of 2001, which was a charitable giving and faith-based bill that never became law, though it was back by the Bush White House.

Early fame came for Watts in the form of athletics, as he excelled in his role as quarterback. He led the Sooners to two consecutive Big Eight Championships and Orange Bowl wins — and afterward, went to play several seasons in the Canadian football league.

Former Distinguished Visiting Professors of Leadership include John Alexander, of Elon’s School of Law; Bill George, professor at Harvard Business School; Ben Bradlee of The Washington Post; Christine Todd Whitman, former New Jersey governor; David Gergen, former presidential adviser; and Dee Dee Myers of the Clinton administration.


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