Interviewing the director of an Indian nonprofit

Health care isn’t guaranteed for the people of rural India — that is, not in the way it is to many Westerners.

For a Periclean Scholars Class of 2012 project, we’re working on a documentary about the discrepancies of the health care system in India — one that leaves many people without health care because government systems are too big and underfunded, basically collapsing within themselves. The issue’s prompted several NGOs to come in and develop village models of health care, teaching villagers to act as nurses, and building hospitals that treat people for however much they can pay, even if that means nothing.

One of those organizations is CRHP.

The Comprehensive Rural Health Project has been around for more than 40 years. They’ve been covered by National Geographic and, last week, by The New York Times. Last summer, our class had a chance to work with them on-site in Jamkhed, India. This video is one of a series that came out of that, and it’s part of a bigger project to make a feature-length film about the issue.

Ravi is the director of operations at CRHP. For the other videos in this series, and updates to the documentary, subscribe to Periclean2012 on YouTube.


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