Tips from an editor: Nathan Rode

Baseball America writer and former Pendulum editor Nathan Rode spoke to our class Friday, March 11. He talked about the purpose of his company — to cover more than just the ESPN-MLB stories, getting down to the amateur players. He also offered his tips on how to be successful as a reporter. His blog, focused on high school baseball, can be found here.

1. Editors are trained to make your writing better, but if you ask your peers, they can give you the perspective of an average reader.

Rode works on a story for Baseball America. Photo submitted.

2. Work ahead. You’re not always going to be under the gun.

3. Write and record interviews. It will save time, and it will also provide a backup.

4. Use your sources. Don’t interview someone and then not use their quotes.

5. Have a notebook handy.

6. Learn and adapt. You’re going to make mistakes. Take the blame and make it right.

7. Ask the experts. Talk to someone who’s familiar with what you’re writing about. Go beyond just the subject.

8. Don’t sensationalize things. Especially when it’s already a good story.

9. The biggest thing is accuracy. Especially with numbers. Check your facts.


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