Something worth checking out:

About six months ago, when this whole Greg Mortensen scandal was breaking (funny, we haven’t heard much about it since), I looked up Jon Krakauer’s book on the subject, and found that it was published in an unconventional way: through a website that was seeking to redefine how people read, starting to publish its own “originals.”

Krakauer’s book, “Three Cups of Deceit,” was the second book published by the company. Back then, it was just being started and there wasn’t much to look at. I downloaded the book (a pretty good read), and more or less forgot about the site.

Now this site has morphed into something much bigger, grander and more elegant. It’s called Byliner, and it compiles stories by authors that you can follow. And while so much of it revolves around journalism (with much of the writings you can find and follow being from New York Magazine, The New York Times, Sports Illustrated and The Atlantic, there are pieces of creative nonfiction included. Much of Esquire’s best writing from authors like Tom Wolfe can be found here.

But what’s perhaps most interesting is it’s like a smart RSS reader that picks high-quality writing. The kind of website you want to spend your Sunday afternoon on.

The best part? Their lists that are as relevant as any news site. With the news of the death of Joe Frazier, the next day you could find a list of the best boxing stories on their front page. Scrolling back through their spotlight series allows a chance to see their lists that all pertain to current events.

So enjoy, because I know I’ve definitely found a new way to kill some time.


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