Somber, quiet feel among Maine Republicans, celebration for gay marriage

NOTE: These photos were taken for the USM Free Press, so please do not re-use without permission & attribution.

I was shooting video & photo for USM’s Free Press last night, and visited Republican senate candidate Charlie Summers’ election party, then went to the Mainers United for Marriage party. You can see the difference below.

Pretty early on in the night, even while Romney’s electoral votes were ahead, Republicans in the room were accepting defeat across the board, lamenting the direction the country is headed. The feeling in the room almost the entire night was somber, and Summers waited a few hours before coming out to make his concession. By the time he spoke, it was mostly family still around.

Senate candidate Charlie Summers’ (R) party after AP announced Angus King (I) had won the race.

I mostly shot video there — which I’ll probably be posting this afternoon.

After that, Cynthia Dill had already made her concession, so I headed to the Mainers United for Marriage party in Portland, and as soon as I walked in Obama’s victory was called, and “Party Rock” started playing.

After that announcement, it was back to waiting for Question 1 results, which slowly started to show more support for gay marriage throughout the night.

Maine congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D) came out to address the crowd, after she’d won her race earlier in the night.Pingree said she was crossing her fingers for the rest of the night. Ten minutes later, Question 1 was called in favor of gay marriage. That’s Mainers United campaign manager Matt McTighe addressing the crowd.


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