Syd Arthur – Indie is not a Genre

There’s something vaguely hypnotic about Syd Arthur’s new single, “Dorothy,” as it drifts along. Taking cues from slow jazz, soul, and psychedelic rock, the song is enchanting and brilliant in its composition.

“Dorothy” is from Syd Arthur’s newest album, On and On, which comes out November 12. It’s actually already on Spotify, and for now you can download the track for free on the band’s website here.

The Canterbury-based group (all in their early 20′s) associates themselves with groups like Tame Impala and Black Mountain, but they have a sound that’s distinctly their own. Other tracks on the album draw more from folk sounds, giving On and On a wide range of musical stylings.

Even if prog/folk/psychedelic/funk isn’t your thing, the song is worth checking out. There’s something in it for everyone.

Rating: ♪♪♪♪♪


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