Jack, with his college mentor, Dr. Martin Kamela.

Jack is a freelance reporter & documentary filmmaker from Topsham, Maine. He spent two years working in New York City on documentary projects and short, web-based videos. For most of that time, he was a researcher at Jigsaw Productions, Alex Gibney‘s Academy Award-winning company. More recently, he’s returned home to Maine to start a documentary production company focused on social & economic issues — you can see that project here.

In college, he made two long-form documentaries. One was with a team of two other students, about a research trip to Sri Lanka to study environmental issues. That movie was funded by the Park Foundation, and you can watch it online. The second film, a passion project for Jack that had extended back through his freshman year, was about health issues in India. He formed a team of students in late 2011, raised $4,000 through Kickstarter, and traveled to India to shoot “Health for All.”

That film inspired the marketing team behind Turkey’s bid for Expo 2020, and led to a partnership between Elon University (Jack’s alma mater) and the government of Izmir, Turkey. Jack and his producers traveled to Istanbul and Paris to present a short version of the film on behalf of the Turkish bid. Wanting to take their partnership even further, the government of Turkey donated $100,000 to one of the health-focused NGOs in the film to create a training center, allowing that organization to vastly increase its influence and reach.

Throughout college, Jack worked in newsrooms — both at community and regional newspapers. His background is in reporting, and that serves as the basis for his documentary work. He is a multi-skilled researcher, reporter, and digital content creator, with scholarship experience in international social and economic issues. He’s reported from courtrooms in small-town NC, slums in Bombay, and farms in Sri Lanka; he’s endlessly interested in economic issues facing increasingly global societies.


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